DesignSense, Inc. is a boutique publicity company specializing in creating brand awareness and engagement for the design industry. Being “boutique” means leveraging the power of smallness to pay attention to every detail and as such, Andrea Halley - Wright built DesignSense, Inc. on the philosophy of client intimacy. To stay close to her clients. To anticipate their needs. To proactively seek out opportunities for them. To stay “hands on” to deliver  service excellence at each and every point of contact.

By bringing together her rich knowledge of the design industry and the editors of the specialist publications that serve it, as well as the ever - changing, fast evolving digital world; Andrea Halley-Wright  provides seamless 360 degree publicity solutions with a strong emphasis on online and social media platforms, tools and tactics.  

In this way DesignSense, Inc. achieves extraordinary levels of brand exposure for each and every one of its clients each and every day, with the cumulative result being sustained top of mind awareness. “Informed awareness” that is generated out of the discipline of pulling towards a single message and communicating that message in a voice that expresses the brand’s personality and intent.